In Job Gest we understand the internationalization challenge and have developed an innovative solution in order to help those companies interested in landing in the European territory. Job Gest is the best tool for a soft landing in Europe. We can help you setting up your own European company with the lowest possible cost, but providing a trustful control at the same time, so that you can manage it from your homeland with complete satisfaction and warrant.
The Job Gest solution is based on outsourcing that we have developed to the furthest edge, completing the outsourcing circle. The solution will be tailor-made to your requirements or company profile. And in most cases it will even let you set up and run your company in
Europe without human resources or any investment in installations (offices,etc.)
. But you will be able to act as any other company with much lower costs.
At the same time the Job Gest solution will let you get direct information from three independent sources: logistics, accounting and administrative processes. This way you will get even more reliable information than if your European company was run by direct employees.
This is the way our solution works: We set up your own company with all the legal warrants to freely operate in the European market. Then we cooperate with you to manage it separating the three main processes: administrative, accounting and logistics. These processes will be outsourced by your own company so that your investment and costs get reduced to the minimum.
A) Accounting. It will be ran by a specialized accountancy company that will take care of all the legal and taxes obligations. As owner of your company, you can get direct information from the accountancy company that is independent from Job Gest. This will become a basic settled cost and then variable according to the volume of your company's activity.
B) Logistics. It will also be ran by a specialized logistics company according to your company's requirement. This way, in most cases, when there is no warehousing requirement, there is no cost, making logistics a completely variable cost. When needed, you will be able to get direct information about the situation of your stock in Europe.
C) Administration and management. Job Gest completes the circle following your directions in your European company's management and dealing with all the necessary administrative processes. This service will be a basic settled cost (that includes human resources, back office,...) lower than having just one low profile employee, and a variable cost according to your company's activity. Job Gest will send all the information and reports you need, so that you can take your own decisions with real updated information. Job Gest also becomes the gear that joins all the processes (administrative, accounting, logistics and any other) assuming the main responsibility in cooperating with you in your European company's management.
This basic organization will be of course adapted to your requirements and company's profile in order to give you the best chance to settle your company in Europe at the lowest cost and risk

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