In Job Gest your success is our success, and we offer a global solution for your company, with the target of being:
a) Effective: The model will attend all the requirements as in any traditionally managed company.
b) Efficient: Improving the rate between cost-risk and benefit.
c) Elastic: The model will always adapt to any change or new challenges giving always the best answer, faster and at a lower cost.
The Job Gest solution includes not only the following services, but also any other that can be required:
1.- Setting up. Job Gest will cooperate with you to register a company that will be legally able to operate in the European Union. We will also introduce all the outsourced elements you need in the Job Gest solution to have a completely operative company.
2.- Representation and management. Following your directives Job Gest will represent and mange your company. You will have your own image but Job Gest will undertake your relationships with private or public entities.
3.- Human Resources. Job Gest will provide the necessary human resources to run your company so that you don't need to have any employees, unless you require it. In that case Job Gest will help you finding the key personnel or will help you getting in good conditions your own staff legally into the European Union.
4.- Back-office. Job Gest will supply all the office necessary requirements (address, mailing services, calling services, marketing services, customer support services or any other customized service that you might require) that will turn into a great saving as you will not need to set up your own office.
5.- Other requirements satisfaction. Job Gest will attend your requirements by it´s own hand or looking for the best supplier or partner, for you to get the most satisfactory solution in any matter (investments, marketing, after-market service, debt collection,...).

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