The Autonomous Community of the Basque Country is located in Spain. For more than 100 years, the Basque Country has remained one of the most powerful and diversified industrial areas in Spain. Thanks to its huge capacity and vitality it has become one of the leading financial and economic centres in the European Atlantic Arc. Its extensive industrial tradition, initiated in the mining, iron and steel and shipbuilding sectors, has been comprehensively transformed, broadening its horizons towards technologically more advanced and innovative sectors. The Autonomous Community of Basque Country has specific characteristics that make it a great place for your soft landing in Europe:
1.-High level in self-government through the Basque Government and other local institutions, that implies it's own legislation including it's own tax system.
2.-High levels of quality of life, advanced education and health systems and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.
3.-An outstanding environment in structural values such as Gross Domestic Product; Research, Development and Innovation investment and human development.
4.-The EU region with the 7th highest number of graduates in the University and an extensive network of centres of excellence in occupational training that makes it a great place to find the best qualified key personnel.
5.- Basque industry has become consolidated by being committed to efficiency, quality, technification and internationalisation, and has 11 clusters and 9 preclusters with high levels of competitiveness, in which your company could take part too.
Your presence in the Basque Country with your own company will allow you to take part in these advantages and to project yourself as a local company in Europe.

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