Any company's activity is focused on a successful growth. That means accepting the challenge of internationalization, that sooner or later requires direct presence in foreign markets. Those companies interested in becoming a well known brand, reaching to a wider range of customers or suppliers, increasing customers satisfaction and matching their requirements ("just in time"service, customization,...), or establishing their own marketing strategies, among many other logical reasons, need to take that step, and the sooner they do it, the faster they will get their goal.
The internationalization challenge lays on two main facts: cost and risk. Traditionally, landing on a foreign market requires a big effort in investment with the trouble of controling the new foreign activity.
The European is a market that no company can avoid if it really wants to get international success. Europe is a small territory but highly populated, and with a great technological development where any company can find big opportunities. But investing in Europe needs facing it's higher costs with the lowest risk.

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