We are a small but highly motivated company, specialized in setting up and managing new companies providing an innovative solution tailor-made for you. We are constantly striving towards customer satisfaction.

We offer multitude of benefits that are beyond costs, quality and superior execution. We provide you the wherewithal to make the most of your business opportunities with your direct presence in Europe.

Our company will always strive to be your one stop shop, to get the most precise and accurate customized solutions, leading to success and growth.

We have a close cooperation with the Spri that is the Basque Business Development Agency, dependent on the Basque Government, which purpose is to support and promote the economic growth of companies in the Basque country, through the assistance and services it provides. So no matter the size of our company, we are well backed to face any kind and size of project. The Spri has got a wide international net of offices and delegates in most countries for your reference. We are thankful for the Spri's cooperation in it's "Invest in the Basque Country" project.




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